SmartRide offers both repair and replacement services:


  • Damage under 6 inches can be repaired renewing the structural integrity of the windshield.
  • Repairs are conducted on site.
  • Most insurance companies wave the customer’s deductible for the cost of the repair resulting in no out of pocket cost.


  • Damage over 6 inches warrant a windshield replacement.
  • We assist the customer in working with their insurance company.

  • Replacements are scheduled on site and are conducted according to the customer’s schedule.
Our friendly technicians are located throughout the U.S. at:

  • National Warehouse Retail Stores
  • National Grocer Chains
  • Gas Stations
  • Military Instillations

Please contact us at 855.462.4474 and a customer service representative will assist you in finding your nearest SmartRide event.